The #1 Thing that ALL Basketball Players Must Understand!

 The #1 Thing that ALL Basketball Players Must Understand!  

This message is one of the truest things that players must understand.  Often times many of the questions that parents, friends, and supports systems have about kids when they are going through the process of becoming a varsity basketball player and/or college prospect comes down to ONE THING.

If you get the message of this video and you implement it, the impact that it can have on whatever it is that you are doing right now is HUGE!

Many people talk about what they want for themselves or for their children by spending the majority of their time looking outside of themselves for answers outside of themselves.  One of the best things that sports teach us about not just the game of basketball but also life is that the one who is willing to out work the next person by maximizing what they currently have seems to always get the loose ball and breaks in life.  

When you see this level of focus and work ethic in others and a team of people come together in harmony is when magical and great things happen IF you are willing to put in the work!

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