NCAA ELIGIBILITY CENTER…….the First Step To Earning An NCAA Athletic Scholarship!


NCAA Eligibility Center

Many young student athletes all have aspirations of continuing their sport past the high school level by receiving an athletic scholarship from the school of their dreams.  Along that process there are many things that you will have to do in order to be viewed as legitimate prospect with  realistic chance of earning an athletic scholarship.

It is no question that a player must have a certain level of talent, skill, and work ethic in order to earn an athletic scholarship they must also meet certain standards in order to play at the NCAA Div. I & II level.  Unfortunately I have seen many talented players over the years go through their entire high school career and never do this ONE THING that EVERY player who has aspirations of playing NCAA Div. I or II MUST DO!  The ideal time to begin this process is during your Sophomore year going into your Junior year in high school.

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This information is not a secret and many of the players who participate in NCAA certified events are told the information and shown videos to inform them of the process.  They must explain register at the NCAA Eligibility Center in order to be eligible to receive and NCAA scholarship.

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