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San Antonio High School Basketball Players Over The Years

San Antonio High School Basketball Players Over The Years

One thing that we know is that there is not one coach or trainer that can take full credit for a San Antonio High School basketball player earning an athletic scholarship to college.  The youth basketball is a community where players are coached, trained, touched, mentored, and helped by different families, friends, and support systems that assist them along their journey.  

Ultimately the common denominator in the players that make it to the next level is their own individual work ethic, commitment, and competitiveness that allows for them to reach their goal. This list of San Antonio High School basketball players includes those whom we have had a chance to see grow and develop into a college basketball player and serve as belief to the up and coming players that it is possible to earn an athletic scholarship and play basketball in college.

Name                       Scholarship Received To

Tony Lewis               Santa Clara University

Ja’Michael Brown     North Texas University

Asa Cantwell             Houston Baptist University

David Favorites          Colgate University

Tanner Leisnner         University of New Hampshire

Jordan Murphy          VCU (Virginia Commonwealth)

Jake Lindsey             Baylor University

Jordan Kite                Incarnate Ward University

Brian Herring              Texas State University

Troy Guajardo            Texas Lutheran University

Max Riemenschneider University of Texas at Dallas

Jim Lammers             Swarthmore University

Jordan Harris              Lamar State University

Cedric Ali                    UT Tyler

Abrian Edwards          Paris Junior College

Ben Lammers             Georgia Tech

Gabe Garza                Saul Ross & Bethel University

Jordan Huber              Bethel University

Cameron Moore            University of Denver

Andrew Poulter             Arkansas Little Rock

David Clark                   Mid America Nazarene

Desmond Clark             Mid America Nazarene

Ronnel Jordan               West Texas JUCO

Charles Hobbs         Shriner University

Drew Smith                    Texas Lutheran University

Jerred Kite                     University Incarnate Word

Kyle Hittle                       University Incarnate Word

John Baker                     University Incarnate Word

Matt Grambling               Army

“My family and I have been involved with the Jayhawks basketball club for 3 years now.  Raymond and Ky have the kids best interests at heart, and they provide quality instruction as well.  I would recommend the program to any players who are serious about improving their basketball skills and play.”

– Dennis Lindsey 15 year N.B.A Executive