Value Based verses the Talent Based Coaching

With the rapid rise in youth are participating in competitive sports at younger and younger ages there is a increase in the need of quality people and coaches to be a part of these young peoples lives.  Recently there has been a lot of talk around whether or not AAU basketball is good for kids where man N.B.A stars such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Charles Barkley, and many others have shared there opinion on the subject.  You can review that article on AAU Basketball here.

So how do you decide on a coach and which route to take……….

Value Based Coaches vs. Talent Based Coaches

I was listening to an interview with the Hall of Famer Isaiah Thomas and he was speaking on the recent passings of some legendary coaches, Dean Smith and Jerry Tarkanian.  Both coaches had many years invested into their professions and played a serious role in hundreds of players lives.

Isaiah Thomas spoke to the transition in coaching that has taken place in basketball from a “Values Based Coach to a Talent Based Coach.”  The point he was making is that coaches like Dean Smith is a Values Based Coach who’s philosophy is to develop the man/women first and the player will come  vs. the Talent Based Coach whos focus is making the player and the man/women will come.

A coach that I personally admired growing up as a player and continue to study from is John Wooden and his Pyramid of Success.


Wooden on Leadership


His philosophy is something that continues to help shape and develop myself and I believe this principals when applied are of tremendous value for coaches, trainers, parents, and supporters of kids in youth sports.

Remembering John Wooden

By keeping basketball in its proper place,  the value that your child will receive from being involved in a basketball environment that puts the development of the person first and the development of the talent second, will be guaranteed to build separate them from many other kids out there.

If players will study and apply these principals their ability to achieve success and reach their potential dramatically increases!

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Christopher Jerrod Wright
Christopher Jerrod Wright

Great post very inspiring. I really liked that chart it puts true team success in perspective